You’ve done it! You made it to the end congratulations. Really though this is just the beginning. Nobody becomes an expert in arguing overnight. It takes practice. Let’s recap what we learned and what you can do next.

  • Winning an argument isn’t about beating your opponent but working together to accomplish a shared goal
  • Sometimes we can’t win, who, what, when, where, and why we argue can all make working together difficult or impossible. In those situations, winning can mean not arguing at all.
  • Define the question you are arguing over precisely.
  • Break down the question into smaller questions. You don’t need to take a black or white position.
  • You can’t just disagree with conclusions, you have to focus on whether the other person’s reasons are true and relevant to their conclusion.
  • Avoid common mistakes in logic by learning to recognize and explain logical fallacies.
  • Look to agree before you look to disagree and explore people’s views by asking them challenging but fair questions.
  • Stay on track by reminding people why you’re arguing and how your arguments are connected to your goal.

If you practice these lessons by doing the exercises in each section, you will be building the habits you need to be highly effective at arguing.