How to Win an Argument

Who is this course for?

Do you argue at work, school, home? Are you tired of leaving feeling like everybody lost in the end? Then this course is for you!

What this course will help you do?

This course will help you:

  • Understand what it means to win an argument
  • Recognize when not to argue
  • Clarify your views
  • Explore other people’s views
  • Identify common flaws in argument
  • Stay on track.

Why should you care?

Knowing how to argue well will make you more productive at work and help you avoid and resolve conflict in your personal life.

What is included in this course?

This course will have 7 sections. In each section, we’ll explore an obstacle to winning an argument and the skill you need to overcome that obstacle.

Obstacle Skill
Arguing without a clear and common purpose Identifying What Winning Really Means
Arguing at the wrong time or place Recognizing When Not to Argue
Arguing past each other Clarifying the Question
Arguing in black and white Articulating a Precise View
Arguing over conclusions Focus on Reasons
Arguing with poor reasoning Spotting Logical Mistakes
Arguing without really listening Exploring Other People’s Views
Arguing about irrelevant things Staying On Track

Each section includes an activity as well as a text with lessons on each skill. Some activities can be done alone, while others require partners, so think about going through this course with others.

Before you begin

I assume most people are going into this course thinking “I am reasonable but how do I deal with the other guy who isn’t?” You will get a lot more out of this course if you check both these assumptions:

  • There is a lot more we could all be doing to act better in arguments.
  • If we go in assuming people are unreasonable we are setting ourselves up to fail.

With those two thoughts in mind, let’s begin!

Go to Section 1: Identifying What Winning Really Means.