About the Blog

My hope is for this blog to serve as a repository for the various reflections, comments, essays, stories, and even comics that I have accumulated over the years. For the most part, they are rough ideas that I would like to work on one day but may never get the chance. I share them despite their rough state, (and often a need for me to do much more research and reading on the topic), because I believe they might still benefit others and certainly benefit from the input of others.

As such, a few disclaimers are in order:

  1. Works in Progress: Pretty much everything new I share here is a work in progress, so please point out my mistakes and offer any other constructive feedback you might have. I will think it over and will revise posts as needed.
  2. Out of My Depths: I’ve called this blog Half a Maven (maven means “expert” in Yiddish) because, as you’ll see, my thoughts quickly wander beyond any sphere in which I could reasonably call myself knowledgeable. Since we could only ever be experts in a small number of things we are forced to make choices about, I do not think this is inherently a problem. Nor do I think it is wise to “shut up if you don’t know.” The implicit speech of our day to day choices makes that impossible. Nevertheless, I believe we must keep our limits firmly in view and this blog is no exception. My tone may sometimes get strident, but that’s more me be carried away than actual 100% certainty about what I’m saying. Again, feel free to correct, qualify, and contextualize!

About the Author

In case you’re wondering who I am, my name is Benjamin Miller. I’m currently a law and public policy student at the University of Toronto and did my M.A. in political theory at the University of Ottawa. If you want to know more about me or connect, you can find me on: