Don’t Wait for the Train

The platform rang
with insoluble regret.

There were many places
crawling up the side
of each inching train
slowly retreating
back to that lonely midnight
from where 
we all
seemed to have set out. 

Like angry mould,
the tiny memories
of strangers
passing briefly.

We wished we’d smiled,
but we were all
so busy. 

That train
has a thorny schedule to keep
growing downwards
drilling into your heart. 

Didn’t you know? 

Love’s the new oil.
And the lovers
don’t get a say. 

See in the corner
the man waiting
no different from the wall. 

Oh here it comes…
the beastly process
of living forward. 

It comes to a halt. 

You step on. 

You are on now. 

You are gone now. 

There’s another man. 

He blinks at you. 

He’s secretly hoping
his eyes will disappear
in between the tears. 

He’s not crying.

He’s not dying. 

He does this
for fun.  

And You want to run. 

 They knew you would,
so they left room–
the space in between
each and every story
sitting on each and every car
is filled
with infinite halves
you can’t cross 
quite enough
to get anywhere. 

Leave it to the experts. 

your breaths are filled with song. 

You collapse. 

The train is pleased. 

You understand
there is no motion
without the–  

But there is a problem.
A bump,
a tiny rock,
a question well placed,
a point well made,
and the system is mortal. 

You feel a true sympathy
for this world
and you recall your profession.

You’re an engineer.
The train is yours.

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